Operating Engineers College - Testimonials from graduates of OEC

Crane and Heavy Equipment Testimonials

"I Went from knowing nothing to knowledgeable" - Barb Hawco

"I have really enjoyed my training at the school and I'm amazed at how much I've learned and how comfortable I have become operating the cranes in just 5 months." - Jackie O'Brien

"OEC (Operating Engineers College) is a great course!  I definitely learned what I needed to know in the field, the theory and I enjoyed every bit of it." - Travis Hopkins

"By far one of the best training experiences I have had."  -  John Casey

"There  are no better teaching materials than knowledge and experience in the subject you are teaching!   My knowledgeable instructors were the most valuable part of my course."  - Robin Dooley

"The field instructors are very knowledgeable and very friendly."  -  Dave Murrin

"They (the instructors) are very knowledgeable because they know their field of work.  I really enjoyed the program."  -  Unknown

"Great experience in learning how to operate some of the equipment"  -  Roland Parsons

"By far the best training I have ever received over my years of training.  This training is the best you can have."  -  John Casey





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