Operating Engineers College - Heavy Equipment Program


Heavy Equipment Program

22 Weeks

Our Heavy Equipment Program is accredited by the Department of Education. This program is offered to entry level people (little or no experience), as well as operators who are experienced in the operation of heavy equipment and hoisting equipment; but have had no formal training. Upon completion of this program, a successful participant will have the essential skills, knowledge, and attributes to operate as an apprentice in the construction industry.


Includes Class 3 and Endorsements 8 and 9A


Course Listing
HE 1101 Equipment Operation Safety
HE 1110 Safety
HE 1121 Slopes and Grades
HE 1130 Heavy Equipment Certification Requirements
HE 1140 Tools and Equipment
HE 1160 Hoisting and Rigging
HE 1170 Survey Indicators
HE 1180 Methods of Approach for Worksite Job Planning
HE 1190 Trade Related Documents
HE 1210 Drawings and Plans
HE 1220 Soil Fundamentals
HE 1202 Scheduled and Preventative Maintenance
HE 1230 Pre and Post-Operational Inspections
HE 1240 Troubleshooting and Basic Repairs
HE 1250 Transportation of Equipment
HE 1260 Environmental Protection
HE 1502 Dozer
HE 1542 Tandem Dump Truck
HE 1562 Excavator
HE 1601 Air Brakes
HE 1611 Introduction to Professional Driver Improvement (PDIC)
HE 1621 Powerline Hazards
HE 1631 Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
TS 1520 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
TS 1530 Standard First Aid
OL 1605 Traffic Control Person (TCP)
AM 1101 Math Essentials
AM 1171 Heavy Equipment Operator Math Fundamentals HE
AP 1102 Introduction to Apprenticeship
MC 1062 Computer Essentials
CM 2161 Communication Essentials
SD 1761 Workplace Essentials
AM 1000 Introduction to Essential Skills
Contact the college for program start dates.

Provincial Funding Available for those who qualify.


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